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Mushrooms season at Hotel Valle del Este Golf Spa


In autumn the forest is full of mushrooms

With the change of season, the drop in temperatures and rainfall, the forests turn brown and brown turning into perfect places to get lost and find one of the culinary treasures that nature offers us: the mushrooms



In the interior of Almeria, the Sierra de los Filabres is transformed, its color is modified, the refreshing air moves us to states of peace and tranquility. Many of us love this station to enjoy a field trip.

Strolling, observing, studying, enjoying the landscape or simply breathing fresh air are, by themselves, more than enough reasons to go out to the countryside in the fall. If you want to complement your trip to the countryside with other activities, we propose a pleasant, curious, original, entertaining and cheap activity: mushroom picking.


Both the Sierra de los Filabres and the Sierra de las Estancias are privileged places in Almeria for the collection of mushrooms

By the composition of the terrain, the flora and the existing climatology we can find a wide diversity of species of mushrooms. The most known and easy to identify is the níscalo, very frequent and abundant under pines.


The collection of mushrooms known as Mycological Tourism is sustainable and respectful with the environment

However, it is important that we take into account a series of safety rules and guidelines before embarking on a journey through the forest as Smurfs.

The collection of mushrooms can not alter the surface layer of soil, which prohibits the use of tools such as rakes, husks, hoes and other utensils that remove soil mulch causing damage to the mycelium of fungi, which would prevent the appearance of new copies in the following seasons.

Neither is the collection of immature mushrooms allowed, so the inedible must be respected, those that are not known or will not be collected because they are in poor condition or past, since all of them play a very useful ecological function.

It is also important to bring the right equipment. Appropriate clothing and footwear, a sharp knife to cut the mushrooms and a wicker basket to pick them up (these baskets are better than the bags because they allow the mushrooms to “breathe” and the spores to fall to the ground)



The Valle del Este Golf Spa Hotel offers a privileged location for those who want to enjoy this activity

The Town Hall of Sierro and Bayarque offer specialized days with field trips and tastings of dishes made with mushrooms.

Do not hesitate, take advantage of our special fall offer and start enjoying this delicacy of nature!