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Love is in the air … really?


You are fans or you are trolls of love

February begins and everything around me turns red, my favorite color by the way except for these dates that I prefer black.

 And what is really Valentine’s Day?

Although today it seems as if “El Corte Inglés” had invented it, in its origins, more exactly in the year 494 AD, Pope Gelasio I, took the measure to celebrate a Catholic holiday on February 14, to nullify and prohibit the pagan festival of the Lupercales.


Incredibly, it has transcended our days becoming World Love Day, and here comes the question of our post today, do we really need a day in the calendar to remember that we love? Or, on the contrary, do we love that there is a day in the calendar to have a detail with those we love?

For those who really think that they do not need a special day to remember those they love, it turns out that “Not celebrating Valentine’s Day” is also a valid option. You should not feel strange for not giving flowers or because they do not give them away or because in the world night of love you do not have a date, just enjoy it at your leisure and without pressure.


For those who love the details that I am going to tell you, prepare to buy flowers, book hotel nights, tables in restaurants …. Equally enjoy your air and without pressure.


In any case the debate is open and we would love you to share with us whether or not you celebrate the night of love and what your plan will be.

And of course for all those who celebrate it but have not yet thought how, come and see.