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Golf lessons in Almería: Valle del Este Golf School

The Valle del Este Golf School offers excellent facilities for learning and practicing golf

We offer a variety of classes and services across the spectrum of golfers, from complete beginners to the seasoned Tour professionals who regularly frequent Valle del Este through the year.

Our system of coaching is based around the Stack&Tilt system of learning and playing golf and is led by Head Professional Martin Park G.S.E.B, a Senior European Instructor of Stack&Tilt.


Martin Park

Twice each year, Valle del Este Golf Academy host the European Stack&Tilt coaching Camps, the Network Instructor and Authorised instructor training alongside our Golf Anatomy & Biomechanics certifications here in Almeria

We use the latest in contemporary technology including the world leading TrackMan 3e Radar, iPad Pro 300fps High Speed Video Coaching, Science&Motion Putt Lab and Balance Lab, AimPoint Technology Green Reading System, 4D Motion Biomechanical analysis and a system of instruction which has been successful at every level from beginner to the PGA Tour.

Our goal for our clients at Valle del Este Golf Academy is to instill positive change, using a holistic approach to help everyone attain their individual ambitions and goals using unique methods to achieve outstanding results.

Stack&Tilt is a system for playing golf built around a three dimensional description of the swing. We teach from scientific principals using everyday geometry, physics and biomechanics which enables players to master the three fundamentals of playing golf:

  1. Being able to strike the ground in the same place each time after the ball.
  2. Having enough power to play the golf course in a reasonable number of shots.
  3. Controlling the curve of the ball.


Great coaches have systems and a model to analyze the swing. Without these, a coach would have no basis to give advice to a student. Stack&Tilt and its system for golf gives expert golf coaches the tools for decision making strategies.

Our system begins with a simple ten-word template and allows for detailed layers of sophistication as and when the need arises.

Stack&Tilt is a system based on historical preference, as demonstrated by history’s greatest players, it complies with the universal laws of physics, geometry and human biomechanics and is measured and confirmed by contemporary technology.

Martin Park has been successful with this system on both the LPGA Tour and the Ladies European Tour with players such as our regular visitors to Valle del Este, England’s Trish Johnson, a 25-time winner, a former European No.1 and eight-time European Solheim Cup legend and also Becky Brewerton from Wales, also a European No.1 and European Solheim Cup player.

We also offer a full service of club making, adjustments and repairs to all equipment

We have the full suite of equipment to cater for any eventuality such as re-gripping, loft and lie checks/adjustments, reshafting, length adjustments, swing weighting, frequency matching, Trackman distance measurements and driver optimisation among other bespoke products. All lessons can be tailored to suit each individual in any area of the game including on course coaching. Equipment and range balls will be provided if needed.

For further information about Valle del Este Golf Academy, or to book your classes, please contact:

+34 950 39 87 43 or email us on reservas.golf@valledeleste.es

Do not hesitate call us today and start living the Golf experience