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Valle del Este Resort: quality of life in Almeria

Valle del Este is not only a climatological and landscaped oasis, it is also known for its multiple services and comforts. Our development covers an area of more than 1,000,000 m2 and apart from the Hotel it boasts 700 dwellings, a golf course which is the green lung of the Resort and a 2.000m2 shopping centre. An Ecumenical Church was also built, to celebrate mass and other religious activities.

The Resort offers both luxury detached houses
and high quality apartments, built to a maximum of three floors. It is an area of low-level building to preserve its comfort of its inhabitants, and where one can enjoy all the necessary services.

Both the houses and other buildings are totally integrated into the natural landscape and the Golf Course. It was designed to favour tranquility and quality of life, for those who live here permanently or temporarily, and for the Hotel guests.