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What to do in Almeria: suggestions & plans to enjoy Almeria

Almeria the great unknown, everyone thinks it’s a desert, which it certainly has, but Almeria has much more to see and more to do …

In the city of Almeria you can visit the Alcazaba and the entire downtown area that opens onto the sea, ending the walk at its harbour, well known for the large amount of traffic with North Africa it has had over a long time.

The Desert of Tabernas, the only desert area considered in the entire European continent, mainly known for all the Western movies that were filmed in the area in the 60s-70s. At present they are still shooting some movies, series and video clips. The best known are: A Fistful of Dollars, For a Few Dollars More, The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. Exodus was shot there recently and Game of Thrones. In that area and near Valle del Este are some areas where the sets of some films are preserved in different locations: Fort Bravo and Oasis Mini Hollywood.

In the surrounding areas we find the region of Níjar and Cabo de Gata exist different routes: the Pirate route, the route of volcanoes and flowers, the mining route etc. But one of the most spectacular places for beachgoers is El Cabo de Gata, where most coastal towns have a diving school.

Macael area, is part of the “European Route of marble” are part of five famous destinations for its precious and prestigious marble: El Valle del Almanzora in Almeria, with white Macael marble; Attica region in Greece, with translucent marble of Penteli mountains; the region of Alentejo in Portugal with pink marble Estremoz; the Walloon region in Belgium, with its red and black Rance marbles; and the Province of Lucca in Italy, with the white marble of the Apuan Alps.

Very famous are the different markets that are organized throughout the area to buy local crafts: ceramics, rugs and desert products (Almería is the province of Esparto). One of the best known symbols is Indalo which also brings luck as long as you give it away as a present.

Almeria is also very famous for its tapas, typical dishes: gurullos, garlic soup, las migas (bread crumb dish), cuttlefish/squid (cooked in all its forms) …

In Almeria you always find something to do for your leisure