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A day of shooting in Valle del Este Hotel Golf Spa


We accompany Isabel Nestares during the recording of her program in our Hotel

From early in the morning I was surprised with his powerful voice and his energy halo. The brightness we enjoyed benefited us to get a close-up of the Hotel facade that she liked very much. I did not know the facilities and was quite surprised. I warmly call his attention to the tranquility and silence that surrounded us even though it was breakfast time and our buffet restaurant was full of customers.

When she showed him the terrace at the back of the reception, she quickly chose it as the first stage to begin filming. Being able to enjoy the views of the pool, the nearby Sierra Cabrera, the sea in the background and the powerful light that surrounded us allowed us to make fantastic shots of the Hotel.

Hotel Golf Spa

Hotel Golf Spa


Through four of our companions; Nacho, Vanesa, Juan Carlos and Paqui went through the different facilities and services that we offer in our establishment: Golf, Spa, Restoration and Sports activities. Each one of them contributed their little bit of sand following always the advice and good work of Isa.

We can not forget the spontaneous participation of some of our clients that contributed a lot to the development of the whole recording, some of them very much enjoyed the experience.

Hotel Golf Spa

Hotel Golf Spa

Hotel Golf Spa

The Quiz

To remember and thank the experience we would like to invite you to participate in our contest: “Discover us on TV and you will enjoy it too.”

If you send us an email to redsocial@valledeleste.es indicating your name, contact details and the program in which we appear you can win a weekend stay in Valle del Este Hotel Golf Spa. Here we leave a small sample of the recording that will be broadcast on Saturday, September 23 in South Channel at 15:30 hours.

Do not stop participating !!!