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Legend or reality?: The island of dolls


The legend of Don Julián

Again we approach the date in which all the spirits leave their places of rest and wander among the mortals to not forget that at some time they were also.

The celebration of the Night of the Dead and the Day of the Dead makes our imagination is filled with mysterious characters and terrifying places, as I could not miss the occasion, this time I decided on a legend that I found overwhelming.

It looks like a stage taken from a horror movie but it’s real


In Mexico, there is an area called Xochimilco, with an area of 190 kilometers of navigable canals, nature and legends, is an island macabre known for its history but above all for its terrifying landscape: The Island of the dolls, abandoned by way of offering, some of their heads are displayed nailed to stakes, while others remain hanging in the trees.

Legend has it that, while he was still alive, Don Julián found himself one day with the corpse of a girl, apparently drowned in one of the channels of the island when he got tangled up among the lilies on the shore. Since then, the only inhabitant of the island was systematically surprised by what he himself defined as the spirit of the little deceased, who cried, shouted and complained incessantly. Frightened, Don Julian did not take long to find a solution to the problem: he surrounded his chinampa with dolls of all types and sizes to protect himself. Today, these guardians hung and nailed are counted by thousands.


About the beginning of 2001, an aging Don Julián approached one of the channels of the island to fish accompanied by his nephew. It was then when he confessed that there was a river mermaid that he intended to take away for a long time. When Don Julian’s nephew returned to the canal after going to control the cattle that grazed nearby, he found his uncle’s body, killed by a heart attack and dropped into the water.

Since then, the place is known as the Island of dolls, a place marked by tragedy and mystery. The visitors say that the dolls there, aged, with empty eye sockets and mutilated extremities, come alive in the shadows and scare away the spirits that roam the place noisily.


Again the spirits and on this particular occasion the Sirens come to us to delight us with stories as overwhelming as this