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If you are an enthusiast of this sport, surely you will love the world of Golf Complements

When we talk about golf accessories we have two clearly differentiated lines:

  • Game accessories
  • Complementary accessories (what we will now call golf accessories)

The game accessories come in the family of needs to play as:

  • Arreglapiques
  • Tees
  • Markers
  • Ball marker
  • Felt pens
  • Balls
  • Gloves
  • Stick cleaners
  • Towels

In Valle del Este Hotel Golf Spa we have several of the most common golf complements, always silkscreened with the logo of the club, as it is often used as a souvenir or souvenir gift to carry, and even collect. There are many requests from clients about golf complements with logo to add to their personal collections.

golf complements

And on the other side we have the complements. The complements is something more sophisticated and technical and always go with the trends, there is a classic line and another line more “it golf”.

In both lines we find the same products, which obviously depends on tastes, brands, economy, nationality and trends, the products are (among others):

  • Hats
  • Visors
  • Bags of sticks
  • Handbags
  • Carries shoes
  • Clothing bags (for showering after the round)

Except the club bags (in some clubs too), the rest of the golf complements available in a Pro Shop of a golf course are with the logo of the club. Since as we have commented previously is a claim by golfers to remember the fields visited.

It also depends on whether the club’s logo is attractive or the club’s name is internationally recognized. Everyone wants a memory when they have had a good experience.

In our Pro Shop we have numerous golf complements with our logo.

golf complements

golf complements

We like to mention, that there are more than 50 different nationalities that have visited this past year 2017 Valle del Este Hotel Golf Spa, and our logo has always made a great impression for its bright color in Orange and especially for its peculiar design with two salamanders, a reptile very typical of the area.

golf complements

Our recommendation:

Do not forget to bring your Valle del Este golf complement when you visit us!