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What to see in Garrucha: Places to go in Garrucha

Garrucha is a quaint fishing village, the most important for this activity of the whole eastern coast of Almeria. Located on the east coast, it is an ideal place for the enjoyment of its excellent beaches and fish restaurants. Witout fail, visitors have to go see the fish market and its spectacular auction, where you will find the famous and coveted Red Gamba (shrimp) of Garrucha.

According to a Castilian chronicle of 1327, a raid by troops in the Kingdom of Granada, there was a small village on the coast called Almoriac a league from Mojacar and Vera direction. Perhaps the first historical reference of this villa. The maritime activity is essential in Garrucha, because it has an important fishing port, sports centre and other businesses where currently the gypsum of Sorbas quarries is exported.

Perhaps the highlight of Garrucha is its promenade, one and a half kilometers of marble railings and well-maintained gardens make a lovely walk along the streets to the sea. Among its attractive features Anchor Square, the harbour, Marina House de La Torre, the castle of Jesus of Nazareth Patient or the Tower of San Ramon.

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