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Restaurants in Almeria: where to eat in Almeria

The location of Almeria, its consecutive historical invasions and its extraordinary link with the sea, has endowed the province with a rich and varied gastronomy which has become a distinguishing mark that should not be missed during your holidays or getaways.

You can find some of these dishes at the various restaurants in Valle del Este, but if you want to really get inside this gastronomical world, you will find good examples in the nearby villages such as Garrucha, which still preserves its maritime flavor, the well-known Garrucha King Prawn, and where fresh fish is the real king.

Octopus, monkfish, red mullet or John Dory can be enjoyed here, as in very few other places, due to the quality and taste of the rich sea beds. We cannot forget the typical dishes in this area, such as migas made of semolina (traditionally eaten on rainy days as a celebration of rain), ajo colorao, snails in sauce, guiso de trigo, taberneros and gurullos.

A delicious way to approach the special and varied Almeria gastronomy is through our Tapas: a way of life and of understanding food, Tapas are very small dishes which are served to you with your drink in all bars and restaurants in the province.